Podcast Episode 20: Janko Palenčár – Talks about organizational healing and finding your path

The Corporate Corner Podcast welcomes Janko Palenčár to talk about Community Building and Healing organizations.

In this conversation with Janko, we had many emotions and moments of deep authenticity and honesty.


Finding our paths in the chaotic world reality can take much work within and in our organizations. Jan’s dedication to service is inspiring. We look forward to following his journey with organizations and people around the world.

Well done!

Connect in with Jan with Links above

Take a look at the links provided to see in both Czech and around the world, the ideas we spoke about and if they fit your own path and intention for work and organization.

When we come to a crossroads, we each choose our own direction. Jan found his and you can hear his passion for his work and path and how much he hopes to help you with the same.

Wishing you all a healing Corporate day.

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