Episode 014- Ariel Solo cast-Intuition in business- Listening to body in business and working more consciously

Ariel talks about Intuition in business on Imperfect Parenting podcast 14

  • This episode of The Corporate Corner, I talk about realities and tools for intuition in business. Successful people all over the planet are talking about why it’s not just a woo woo, but a business essential.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” ~ Steve Jobs

Intuition in business:

It’s funny, coming from woo woo Northern California where the word “intuition” has been a part of our vocabulary from my 1st days of speaking as a toddler, to now hearing that it has become the “new buzzword” in business.  Huffpost talks about Branson to Buffet and how Intuition in business trending.  Truth is, innovators have been using their intuition, muses and gut feeling for generations. 

Generations of success

Generations of success  have used intuition to make their business decisions and new ideas come to life.  Yet, until recently few would attribute success to this esoteric skill.  Yet, those who are really at the forefront, have a deep connection to a knowledge that most of us, on average, are not able to easily tune into.   For a long time, intuition has been called other things to make it acceptable in a world which holds intellect and fact in highest esteem.  However, in many cultures around the world a wider expanse of the body, mind and spirit is used to make important moves along the path of life and business success.

Intuition, called by many names

As “airy fairy” has on many occasion not been acceptable, “intuition” has over the years been wedged in as numerous other things.  Each person using another set of words to describe it.  Some call gut feeling is the same, “a feeling in my bones”, yet like spirit and soul are used interchangeably, they may not be the same, yet bring you often to a similar landing place.  I am just happy to see this thinking as more and more acceptable and accessible to each of us in an open way.

Huffpost talks about Intuition and Intuition in business.

We all have intuitive moments

Regardless of background, beliefs or experiences, we all have intuition available to us.  In fact, I am quite sure that at some point you have followed it at some point along the way.  Maybe it wasn’t a part of your daily culture or system.  Maybe you grew up in a family or company that didn’t speak that language or value intuition as a part of daily culture.  However, if it is something you decide to bring into your life and business, like meditation or eating healthy, you will see massive transformations the more you are practicing and using it. 

A millionaire friend, shared his secrets to success

The look in someone’s eyes, the lines in their hands and intuition. Listen for more.

Conscious business enterprises and people (also sometimes referred to under the label conscious capitalism) are those that choose to follow a business strategy, in which they seek to benefit both human beings and the environment. ~Wikipedia

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