Mats Andersson, born in Stockholm Sweden, he has a long IT career that started as a programmer in Stockholm working for the insurance industry and in 1993 brought him to Luxembourg where he was working in various roles in the IT departement of the clearing house Clearstream and since 2007 till summer 2018  he has been living in Prague and been Managing Director for Deutsche Boerse Services, a nearshore center for the German Stock Exchange.  Lived and worked in multiple countries, polyglot. Married to French world over 20 years, now a new phase with Northern California wife and work/life evolutions. His new direction points to consulting, writing, podcasting, co-creating, more fatherhood and lot of sports.

Ariel Green Andersson, born in San Francisco, raised in the Sonoma wine country, now lives between Countries, working and creating using a lifetime of varied experiences.  Corporate, non profits, training and development, teaching school , being a mom, Conscious Life and Business coaching, writing, podcasting and more.

Now, together, we take things to the next level with our mutual goal of finding the way to making corporate reality a better place to be.