The Beginning



It all began many years ago, when we didn’t even know each other yet, but both knew from the inside out, that Corporate could be different and there was something more, waiting. What that would be, didn’t become clear, until recently when things crashed down, so we could rebuild, even better.


We are husband and wife, co-creators, business people, parents, advisors, teachers, conscious life and business coach, wellness & alternative health explorers, consultants, friends, creators, inventors, builders, writers, podcasters, bloggers and more.


Overall, we imagine you to be apart of our ever growing vision of people looking to learn & teach from the past, moving into future effect change, share stories, listen, use our sounding board, explore new & old directions and have fun with what comes up around corporate here and around the world.

TCC Project

Create a community together, through sharing stories, ideas and thoughts. Bring you great podcast discussions and stories.  Straight talk interviews.  And, hopefully a show to look forward to!


This.. is the beginning..

Soon we travel exploring new Interviews, work and discussions you won’t want to miss.

It’s all unfolding, so stay tuned to hear what happens next. Interviews will be recorded, soon. So, keep reading and we will update as we go.

Coming up

Much more bubbling in our minds. We have a super interview  line up for our 9 for 9.  Our 1st 9 week season will be weekly.  Can’t wait to get it all going, to edit and upload. Exciting days ahead. Stay tuned;)



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