Podcast is Live

Finally live! Longer project than we expected to finally put the podcast out in the air, but that is always the case with projects, isn’t it?
In time, in budget and delivering the scope are the project mantras

In Time?

Couple of months late for various reasons. The original target was September, but I am not sure that we never thought that was realistic and going live just before the holiday season seems perfect timing.

In Budget?

The audio equipment has certainly costed more than we foresaw and as I (Mats) managed to loose the expensive mics we bought twice the budget is clearly stretched, but overall reasonable as the workforce (us) are working for free.

In Scope?

Pretty much within scope and very little scope creep and this is mainly thanks to the interviewees who have been fantastic. The first interview took us to Denver, Colorado to meet a very insightful man and the following three interviews have been done from Prague via Skype to overseas USA and they all delivered what we hoped for: deep and long conversations about the corporate world.

Main challenges encountered?

  • Number 1 is clearly sound. It is difficult to get it perfect and you’re nearly really satisfied with the result.
  • The editing was more time consuming than expected and you can clearly over edit trying to get every little sound that shouldn’t be there away and reducing silences so it becomes artificial.
  • Other interesting challenges is working with your partner; you get very direct feedback …
  • The worst, losing a whole interview while using the new iOS version of voice memo on the Iphone. 2.5 hours intense talk with someone who will hopefully show up later and when trying to press save it just started from zero with a new recording.  Terrible feeling and lesson learnt is you need to always have a backup recording system.



Overall truly inspiring to do this, fantastic to see how open people have been to talk and share their experiences, both the good and hard ones.

Looking forward to hear people’s feedback after we put a couple episodes out and can’t wait to see and interview more interesting people and get to know their stories.

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