Podcast Episode 21: Bruce Eckfeldt, executive coach, podcaster, speaker and early Agile adopter

TCC 021 with Bruce Eckfeldt

Find out more about Bruce:

If you want to know more about Bruce you can listen to his podcasts: 

Scaling up Services, a podcast about devoted to helping founders, partners, CEOs, key executives, and managers of service-based businessess scare their companies faster and with less drama. 

Thinking Outside The Bud, a business podcast devoted to driving innovation in the cannabis space where Bruce speaks with founders, investors, thought leaders, researchers, advocates and policy makers who are finding new ways for cannabis to positiveley impact business, society and culture. 

And you can visit his web site, Eckfeldt.com, where you’ll find a lot of interesting material, videos, blogs about corporate life and executive management.

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